Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms appear when the person is quitting his or her drinking habit.

Alcohol is not the thing to get habitual of. But people do get habitual of it. Excessive drinking brings lots of health and social issues to the drinker.

When he wants to quit his habit, he faces Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms. Which can be from moderate to severe depending upon the situation of the victim.

Alcohol is an addiction, and addiction is not good for anyone out there. When you get addicted to alcohol, you are not only damaging your physical health but also mental health.

Everything that’s in excess is bad. Tough alcohol overall is not good, but in moderation, it will not harm you.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal:

Quitting any addiction can be painful or time requiring. It can be smoking alcohol or any drug. Alcohol withdrawal is a difficult task for the person and the surrounding people as well.

Mostly if the person is going for alcohol withdrawal, he has to get admitted to the rehab to get completely cleansed from the alcohol.


Like every other condition, your body also responses when you are going for alcohol withdrawal. The symptoms are mostly the same with every person.

But the severity of the symptoms can vary according to the consumption of alcohol from person to person. The symptoms may include:


The patients mostly go in depression while in the withdrawal mode. This depression started from mild and went to severe as the time progresses.


This is the most common symptom the person gets unable to hold things or stand straight due to the shaking of the body parts.


Feeling nausea and vomiting during the withdrawal process is the major symptom that occurs when the person starts for the quitting of alcohol.

Sleep Disorder:

Most of the people are unable to sleep during the process. They get a severe sleep disorder.


A hallucination occurs when the withdrawal process starts and gets strong as time progresses.

High palpitation

Patients with alcohol withdrawal get a high pacing pulse rate. Their heartbeats fast.


Patients often get high blood pressure due to the multiple reasons mentioned above.


The treatment for alcohol withdrawal is different, difficult and time taking. It takes efforts for both the patient and the doctors to cleanse the system permanently. The treatment may include:


Exact medicines for the symptoms is not possible, but the combination of the medicines will help the patient to get temporary relief.

The medicines may include:

  • Antidepressants
  • Muscles relaxation pills
  • Pain killers to release the pain in muscles
  • Pills to control high blood pressure

A soothing Environment:

To have the symptoms removed a person needs an environment in which he can sit and relax. The environment should be quiet, soothing, and with minimum social contact.

He must focus on a healthy diet to get the strength to fight with the conditions occurring to the body. And mostly the lights should be soft so that the mind stays calm.

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