Autism Disorder

Autism Screening is a behavioral observation to diagnose Autism Disorder.

Autism Spectrum Disorder also is known as ASD is a disorder occurs in children due to multiple behavioral conditions.

There are no tests available to detect the problem areas but Autism Screening is the observational process that has been done for the diagnosis of Autism.

Autism Disorder

Study Autism:

A child is the essence of life. He needs to be taken care of with love and dedication. ASD is the disorder that is the result of multiple abnormal behavioral conditions.

Autism is a disorder that can be resolved if you deal with it properly. It’s a condition that occurs due to developmental disability. The child with autism needs emotional support to go through social accusations.

Signs of Autism:

When a child is 2 to 3 years old, parents will be able to notice the different behavioral patterns in the child. The signs are both easy and difficult to take notice of.

The child will show below mentioned signs and that will lead you to the need of seeing a neuro physician.

Social interaction:

The child with autism has very poor social skills. He has to face difficulties when it comes to social interactions. Below are the signs to show that your child is having difficulty in social interactions:

  • He doesn’t want to play or share his things with other children.
  • Eye Contact lacking.
  • He will want to stay aloof always
  • Unemotional Feelings
  • He can’t respond to his name
  • He doesn’t want to get consoled if he is upset on anything

Lack of ability to communicate:

The children with autism mostly can’t be able to talk. This is the sign which can be seen after a year when the child is unable to produce any sounds or much fewer sounds than others. The other communication problems can be:

  • Delayed or no language acquisition
  • Repetition of phrases
  • Problem in concentration
  • Can’t identify jokes
  • Not good in gestures or body communication

Autism Screening:

Autism screening is the process a child goes through for the diagnosis of the condition. As there are no tests or machine screenings all the diagnosis depends upon the Autism Screening.

Firstly the pediatrician will ask about the basic behaviors of child which he has or has not started at the proper age. For example, giving a smile at 3 months, or start cooking at 7 or 8 months.

After that, the doctor will ask about the behavioral patterns of the child such as:

  • Does the child show repetitive behavior?
  • Can he have eye contact?
  • Does he have sleep problems?
  • How is he interacting with people?
  • Does he get irritated on little things?
  • Does he have a flat or emotionless voice?
  • Can he understand body gestures?

All the above questions come under the autism screening. These questions will make the pediatrician decide what should they do next.

After the screening, it gets easier for the parents and the doctor to start the treatment for ASD.

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