Basal Insulin Therapy

Basal Insulin Therapy

In type 2 diabetes, even while you are sleeping your liver makes glucose. Basal Insulin Therapy helps to prevent spiking up the sugar levels.

Insulin is the key source to generate glucose in the body. The main function of basal insulin therapy is to make insulin levels stable. Insulin levels go high due to pancreatic failure and a person needs support to survive.

Insulin levels are considered high while fasting. While we are resting our body glucose levels gets unstable. And it needs a long-term dose of insulin to stay on the levels and does not spike onto the alarming rate.

Basal insulin therapy is designed in a way to help regulate the blood sugar according to the demand of the body.

Types of Basal Insulin Therapy:

There are certain types of basal insulin which are designed for specific diabetic conditions. Every dosage acts differently according to the condition of the patient.

The types include:


This insulin has to be taken once a day. It acts for longer periods of time almost the whole day. After taking this the patient doesn’t need to go for the other dosage and can perform his daily activities properly.


The injection starts acting after 1 one hour of inserting. But it doesn’t work like glargine. The patient has to inject it two times in a day. After every 12 hours.


This basal injection acts for more than 42 hours. With this dosage of basal insulin, a patient doesn’t need to get worried about the timings of the injection. And he can perform his daily activities without getting bothered for the insulin dosage timings.

Adjusting life with Basal Insulin Therapy:

With the correct diagnosis and dosage, life becomes much easier for the patient as he has no longer to inject the insulin several times in the day.

The daily life becomes tension free as there is no need to get worried about the stability of the insulin levels.

Mostly the doctor suggests injecting the dose at night to keep the blood sugar level normal when you wake up and have your first meal.

Merits and Demerits:

With the basal insulin therapy, there are mostly benefits for the diabetic patient along with some demerits.

They can be:

  • Due to no peak time of sugar levels, it’s easier to get along with it.
  • People feel relaxed and easy with less frequent injections.
  • Due to slow-acting insulin, the sugar level stays normal and gives the patient enough energy and time to work for longer hours without any stress.
  • Due to the therapy, there are fewer chances for the patient to go into complications.

Although there are more benefits of the therapy there are some demerits also present:


Due to the timings of the dosage sometimes the patient goes into low sugar levels and it’s hard to detect hypoglycemia when the patient has either type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Weight gain:

Mostly patients while taking insulin gain weight.

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