Can Chiropractor Fix Dowager’s Hump?

Chiropractors are not real doctors. they have special training to take care of the spinal problems mostly the dowager’s hump. A chiropractor has expertise in fixing dowager’s hump.

Can Chiropractor fix the hump?

They follow the treatments of the hands-on spine and other tools. The most common question is that Can a chiropractor fix dowager’ hump?

We will be answering all your questions in detail.

Dowager’s Hump:

The condition in which a humped back occurs is known as Dowager’s hump syndrome. This is the postural change occurs in the body due to so many postural bad habits.

Dowager’s hump doesn’t come overnight. It shows signs and symptoms before it appears on the body. If a person notices these symptoms at an early stage. He will be able to stop this syndrome from happening.


Dowager’s symptoms are easy to notice. Symptoms like shallow breathing, headaches, and migraines, carpal tunnel are the major indications that occur. Before the body changes its appearance.

These symptoms are not easy to ignore as the patient stays in persistent pain.

Fixations by a Chiropractor:

For the kyphosis, a chiropractor can be a good option for non-surgical treatment. This treatment is helpful in treating the spinal issues and the other symptoms caused by kyphosis.

A chiropractor can determine the actual cause of the dowager’s hump that is it congenital or due to some trauma or injury. A Chiropractor can also detect the kyphosis caused by Scheuermann’s disease.

How a Chiropractor works:

A chiropractor works on spinal management. It is an on-hand treatment designed with different techniques like

  •   Specific spinal adjustments
  •   Flexion-distraction method
  •  Instrumental treatment.
  •   Manual stretching·       
  • Electrical Stimulation

Goals of Chiropractic Treatment:

There are certain goals in the mind of a chiropractor. When he starts the treatment of a dowager’s hump patient and he makes sure that these goals ought to get accomplished.

  •   Decrease muscle stiffness
  •  Spinal posture
  •  A decrease in inflammation in muscles
  •   Treating the discs
  •   Improving muscular strength·       
  • Taking care of middle back

Daily Life Alterations:

To avoid medical assistance and other non-surgical procedures by a chiropractor one can include some adjustments in his daily life. For the treatment or for the avoidance of dowager’s hump these alterations can be

  1. Sitting and standing with correct postures.
  2. Putting the monitor screen on the eye level.
  3. Usage of postural braces.
  4. Taking regular breaks while working.

Medicated pillow:

Medicated Pillow

Usage of a pillow specially designed for the humped people is effective and soothing for the neck muscles to relax.

Dowager’s hump patients need special assistance in the sleeping position also. Due to the hump sleeping can be painful for them.

In this condition, medicated pillows give support to the neck for better sleep.



To relax the neck and back muscles stretches are the best choice as a treatment for the dowager’s hump patients.

A chiropractor also emphasizes on including the stretches in daily life for the progress of returning back to the previous posture.

The best stretches are:

  • Shoulder blade stretch
  • Physical therapies
  • Neck and back massage
  • Chin chest tuck

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