Dowager’s Hump Sleeping Position

Dowager's Hump

A person with a hump needs special care while in a sleeping position. Dowager’s Hump sleeping position is different than the others.

A patient needs special pillow to lie down. Sometimes he needs even two pillows that a normal person cannot think of. 

Forward Head Posture Vs Dowager’s Hump:

Just like forward head posture, patient with Dowager’s Hump falls back so he needs support to hold the head in a position so that it doesn’t give pain in the neck and back.

Dowagers hump sleeping position is different and difficult, the patient is not able to sleep in any other position apart from this singular one because of postural change in the body. 

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What is a Hump:

When a body takes too much stress on a particular part of the body is shows a significant difference it the change of the posture.

A hump is a postural change that occurs behind the neck and on the upper portion on the back due to osteoporosis.

Curvature in the spine also occurs due to osteoporosis thus causing the formulation of kyphosis.

Causes And Treatment of Dowager’s Hump:


Dowager’s Hump is not a condition that comes randomly in a person’s life there are causes behind this posture. The foremost causes for this hump are:

  • Bad postural habits. 
  • Sitting for long hours in front of gadgets with wrong sitting postures-built pressure on the back of the neck muscles and make them weak and stiff. 
  • Another reason can be the compression fractures in the vertebral column. It is most common in females due to osteoporosis; the spine is curved and no longer able to stand the weight of the body thus gives fractures in the vertebral column.
  • Scheuermann’s disease can also be the reason for the dowager’s hump, this is a childhood disease that endures till adulthood. In this disease spinal cord doesn’t develop properly and gives a person hump on his back.


Before the hump occurs, the body shows different symptoms. Difficulty in breathing, persistent headaches and migraines, indigestion, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel are the major symptoms appear in the body before the visible change in the posture.


Dowager/s hump is a reversible and treatable process if a patient has patience and consistency to get it treated. There are a number of exercises can be performed and there are special procedures like myofascial release and tapping are really good options for the treatment of Dowager’s Hump.

Special Pillows:

Special pillows are made for the comfort of the patient. Dowager’s hump sleeping position can get comfortable with these medically designed pillows.


The hump can be removed permanently if a patient follows some exercises regularly. These exercises will not only help in releasing the pain but will also make the body to get flexible and return to its former position. 

  • Suboccipital muscles stretch.
  • Chin tuck stretch.
  • Chest stretch is the best stretches to recover from the dowager’s hump.

These stretches if done properly will affect positively but if the rules aren’t followed accordingly will give the patient more pain.

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