Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture

Correct Forward Head Posture – Scientific Facts , conditions, Treatment, exercises, and preventive measure Guide
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Movement is a significant characteristic of every living organism. The human body is comprised of two major systems that help him in locomotion and to balance equilibrium.

The body frame is made up of the skeletal muscles composed of bones, cartilage, and joints and there is a muscular system that holds and supports the skeletal system, comprised of tissues, tendons and ligaments.

Strong muscles support the bones and joints to move. Muscles also help the body to acquire different postures like sitting, standing, and walking. Multiple organs are involved to attain a proper posture.

What are postures:

Postures are made by the body to attain some specific position that can be sitting, standing, lying down, etc. There are four types of postures, which are mentioned below


This is the type of posture the body acquires when it wants to get relax and to go in the sleeping mode. The body needs this posture for easing itself. Sitting, lying down in bed comes under sedentary postures.


This is the type of posture the body acquires when it’s in a working position. More than one muscle is involved to get into active postures. Walking. Standing, dancing all comes under active postures.

What is forward head posture:

FOrward Head Posture

Forward head posture is a complaint a patient gets when due to weak and delicate muscles. In this condition, the head and neck extend excessively far before the body alignment.

This is a serious condition brings certain types of pains along with like headaches, severe pain in muscles and even haggard nerves.

This condition can be reversible if taken care of properly because muscles are the flexible part of the body they get back into their prior form if take care of properly.

But for this, the patients have to have more patience to get this condition resolved, as this situation is not easy to grip.

Scientific Facts About forwarding Head Posture:

according to science forward, head postures are of two types in type one the head is out and the chin is straight down than normal so that the head is forward and in bending position.

In type two the chin is in its normal position that is upright but the head is more forward and extended from the body. Body functions well when it’s in an aligned position.

Head is joined with neck and due to muscle tightness and weakness, this extended position occurs which becomes painful for the patient with the passage of time if not handled accordingly.

This is the position you can also feel while sleeping. To know it better take a picture from side pose to see the clear difference in the posture.

Forward head posture symptoms:

Whenever an illness comes it gives symptoms before it arrives completely. The same is the case with forwarding head posture.

A person will feel tightness and soreness in the muscles on the back of the neck. From the start, the patient will feel mild pain but it can go severe as the condition gets unembellished.

Some patient also feels pains going from neck to the arms and also numbness this can be due to the compressed nerves. This numbness can get serious by the time so its necessary to consult with the physician as the symptoms are mild and can get cured.

In most cases, the patient complains of migraines and severe headaches this is the most common symptom in forward head posture.

Due to the compression of nerves, the blood flow gets slow thus resulting in these headaches.

The tightening of muscles gives the patient unbearable pain because the body is designed to hold its posture with flexible muscle tightness in neck muscles severe jerks of pain.

Condition in forward head posture:

Things don’t happen overnight. There are reasons behind every single thing happening in our lives. Peoples often take their bodies for granted.

Their body needs to take care before it gets into some serious form of illness.

Mostly posture illnesses occur due to our neglecting behavior towards our bodies. Watching too much of computer and cell phone use has caused this condition to get common.

First, the muscles start to get tighten, then the chin bends down towards the chest and head comes forward.

This happens gradually, so one should notice the symptoms his body is showing.

Treatments and exercises:

Nature has given our body flexibility to move and live. We have to take care of it, it’s our responsibility to take care of our body more than anything else.

There are no medical treatments available for forward head postures but there are some methods that will try to resolve the issue gradually.

Mild exercises like stretches and yoga postures will try to soothe the aching neck.

Stretches help the muscles to get relax and flexible enough so that they get back to there basic shape.

Pilates can be the best exercise to tighten the weak muscles and to make them work properly.

But, be careful to look for a certified fitness trainer before going for this type of exercise.

Physiotherapy can also be beneficial for this illness as the exercises will be done under a medical professional and those exercises would be specially designed for head forward posture.

The therapist will know how to make the patient’s muscles get relaxed and get them into a normal posture.

Preventive measures:

There are some measures you can take to avoid this situation happen to you. Try to avoid using too many computers and cell phones.

If your work is to sit in front of computers for long hours try to take breaks. Do some face and neck exercises so that your neck muscles stay relaxed. Try to sit in a proper posture.

A hunchback posture of sitting for long hours will make the muscles tight and will cause your body dis-alignment. Don’t use extra pillows.

This also causes forward head posture illness. When you are standing try to stand straight without any posture failures.

How to fix forward head posture:

To fix forward head posture you need to understand that is all neglection that caused your body to go through this terrible situation.

It can be fixed but it will need your time and effort to get it done.

Try to keep your neck always in a comfortable position so that it stays in a proper position.

You need to keep your body aligned, and your core is the main part of your body which keeps it upright.

Whenever you are in a standing or walking position try to be focused.

Try to keep your eyes high so that your neck gets flexible to look above.

Don’t stretch or push your body so much that it collapses, be patient and try to progress slowly.

Understand that this posture didn’t come overnight and will not go overnight.

Proper exercises, stretches, neck and facial exercises, use of fewer pillows, slow walking with high gaze will help your neck muscles get back into its original form in less time than it’s expected.

Rounded Shoulder Forward Head Posture:

In this type of forwarding head posture, condition symptoms are all same, the difference is the dis alignment of shoulders from the body.

When shoulders get dis aligned a person gets a hunchback posture. Which is just as painful as with forward head posture. In this condition, there are more chances of falling.

And the patient needs more effort just to make eye contact with another person. Head forward, chin down along with shoulders misalignment makes a person’s life miserable.

This posture to be cured need stretches and exercises. Proper physiotherapy will make the muscles more flexible. Try to sit straight as much as you can.

This will make your body to get used to the sitting posture and will help the patient recover over time.


Love your body the way it is designed. Don’t take it for granted. You are you because of your body, it needs to get pampered by you.

But if this illness occurs due to some injuries or bad postures don’t get panic, understand the mechanism of your body, it will help you to get recover from this condition soon.

Consult with your physician and follow his instructions. Take proper care of your neck muscles so that they stay flexible. Do stretches. Take breaks from your work and do facial exercises.

Try to be motivated. Postures can be cured they just need more time to get adjusted in their prior form.

Sometimes if the condition is not severe it takes a day but if the condition is the server it will take months to recover, but eventually, it will. Take pain killers if the pain gets unbearable. Offer yourself regular checkups.


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