High Cholesterol

High cholesterol

Your body stays healthy due to healthy cholesterol that is LDL, if the LDL levels get high this means that you have High Cholesterol.

Your body works o the healthy cells and these healthy cells are made by the thick and sticky substance called cholesterol. But there is a limit of this cholesterol to act positively in the body. if the substance gets higher this means you have High Cholesterol.

High Cholesterol not only brings instability of the body but also other health issues. With high cholesterol, the body starts converting the waxy substance into fat deposits in the blood vessels and arteries also known as triglycerides. These triglycerides are very harmful to the function of the heart.

Most of the time the person gets heart infarction due to high cholesterol. LDL comes under good cholesterol but most of the time due to excess amount it turns into high levels and thus creating an issue of high cholesterol.

High Cholesterol Indications:

If a person is having a high level of cholesterol there must be some symptoms that appear with time. The symptoms should be taken into notice in mild condition because if they get severe there will be a very difficult situation for the person. The indications can be:

  • High blood pressure
  • Palpitation
  • Weight gain
  • Shallow breathing

Causes of High Cholesterol:

The causes of lipid can be various. This is not the condition that occurs due to just one reason. lipid streams in blood with the attachment of proteins. Together they are called lipoproteins. The main cause of high lipid is due to these two lipoproteins.

Those are:


Which is low-density lipoprotein also known as is bad lipid which sticks to the wall of the arteries and veins causing triglycerides?


High-density lipoprotein is good lipid which takes back the excess amount of lipid to the liver.


High levels of lipid have been mostly observed in persons with an unhealthy diet. Friend and junk food are the main reasons for the high levels of LDL.


People with extra weight and extra fats are at high risk of high lipid.


One of the causes of high lipid is also can be an age factor.


Lack of mobility brings health issues. Bodyworks well if exercise becomes part of life.


High blood sugar always brings high levels of LDH. As the patient is already weak due to diabetes high lipid also weakens the arteries of the diabetic patient.

How to Cure High Cholesterol:

High lipid is not easy to get treated but if deal properly it can be reversed.  

There is blood diluting medicine available on the prescription to help avoid the risk of a heart attack.

A healthy diet with no oily and junk food and proper exercise can also be beneficial to bring back the lipid level to normal.

Try not to drink too much alcohol and quit smoking to avoid the heart attack.

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