How to Fix My Neck Posture

how to fix my neck posture

Postural fixation is the reversible process. Nonaligned postures occur due to bad postural habits.

How to fix my neck posture? It is the most common question searched on the internet these days? Postural changes happen with a duration of time not overnight.

There are certain ways to answer How to fix my neck posture? Effectively.


The body moves and acquires posture by the support of both the working systems. That is the skeletal and muscular system. We need to understand both these systems work with coordination.

Failure of one will lead to the failure of another also. Postures are the body of the position makes to get into some other body postures like sitting, walking or lying down.

Some people face turtle neck syndrome for Details visit: Turtleneck Syndrome

Fix My Neck Posture:

Postures should be accurate for the effective working of the body. The neck is the main part of the body holds the brain and body together.

Negligence in the attitude towards health care can cause severe problems. Neck posture needs to be taken care of well else it will give you postural changes like hunched back or forward head posture.


Before neck posture changes it gives signs and symptoms. Notice them to avoid the postural change.

  •         Pain in neck
  •         Rotating pain in arms and shoulders
  •         Numbness due to pinched nerves
  •         Headaches and migraines
  •         Problem in breathing


Postural fixation is hard but possible. It takes time and effort. Stretches and exercises are the best treatment available to fix the neck posture.

Yoga postures and poses are best for the treatment of the neck posture. Facial exercises are also beneficial to fix the neck posture.

  •         Chin chest tuck
  •         Massage to release nerves
  •         Stretching the back of the neck
  •         Neck side stretches
  •         Shoulder blade squeezes

Improve Postural Habits:

Try to take off your postural habits to avoid the humped neck posture. There are several things if you get included in life that will help you relax your neck and back muscles.

Arrangement of the Computer:

If you are working in the office and have to sit in front of computers for long hours. Make sure you keep the monitor screen at your eye level. Sitting with the right posture will make you achieve optimal health.

Avoid carrying heavy objects:

Try to avoid carrying heavy objects on the back as it will make the back muscles weak and stiff and eventually will lead to a humped neck posture.

Take breaks:

It’s necessary to take breaks while sitting for long hours. Try to take a break every 30 minutes. Give yourself a short walk or some neck stretches so that the neck and back muscles get relaxed.

Medicated pillow:

Medicated pillows are also a good option for the support of the neck muscles. Try to make sure you give relaxation to the sore neck muscles and avoid poor sleeping posture.

Postural Positions:

Make sure in whichever posture you are like walking or standing or sitting your posture should be straight. Lumpy and groovy postures give neck muscle stiffness and hump.

Posture brace:

Additional aid can be used to avoid bad postural habits. Posture braces can turn out to be good to keep your posture straight and firm.

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