The permanent stopping of periods due to age factor is termed as Menopause.

The female body is created differently than males. Apart from the basic functions like breathing, listening, talking, etc.

The majority of other functions are designed differently than men. The girl enters the age of puberty as soon as she gets her first period. The stopping of the periods is known as Menopause.

Menopause occurs at a certain age. This is designed by nature to have periods and then to stop them.

This whole process of periods is created for the continuation of the living process. After menopause a woman is longer can get pregnant and the ovaries start producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone at lower levels.

Timeline For Menopause:

Just like puberty, timeline for the menopause is also set. Just like the starting age, it’s between 10 – 13 years, the timeline for menopause is between the mid to late ’40s.

It depends on the health and body structure of the female. The timeline is almost the same for all the females only exceptional females go above fifty to go for their menopause.


Before going for the menopause. There are signs which body shows before going to permanently menopause.

Those symptoms can be irritating and also painful depending on the health of the woman. These symptoms may include:


  • Hot flashes
  • Infections and vaginal discharge
  • Mood swings
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Problems in urination
  • Problems in remembering things
  • Irregular periods

Premature menopause:

Apart from regular menopause. There is also a condition known as premature menopause.

Premature menopause happens due to several reasons apart from the general age factor.

The factors involved in premature menopause can be:

  • Family history or inheritance
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol
  • Chemotherapy or radiation
  • Removal of ovaries
  • Removal of the uterus due to any health issue
  • Autoimmune disease
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Turner’s syndrome
  • Fatigue Syndrome

All the above-mentioned factors are mostly the major factors for premature menopause. And premature menopause means no chances for the female to get pregnant for all her life.


Although menopause is a naturally occurring process happens with every woman in mid-40s but sometimes there are some complications occur after or before occurring of menopause they can be:

Cardiovascular disease:

The risk of heart problems increases with the passage of age for both men and women. But the low levels of estrogen enables the risk of cardiovascular diseases after menopause.

It’s necessary for the women to take care of themselves before the menopause and even more after the menopause with a healthy diet and exercise to avoid heart disease.


The most common health problem in women is osteoporosis or arthritis. After menopause, the bones of the body get weak at a rapid pace.

There are more chances to get fractures and joint pains due to low bone density. Its advisable to start calcium and other mineral supplements before the menopause to avoid arthritis or any other injury.  

Abruption in sexual life:

Women’s sexual life depends on estrogen hormones due to the menopause estrogen levels produce are low.

And this creates dryness and low elasticity in the vagina. Dryness in the vagina can cause pain during sex and sometimes bleeding.

To avoid dryness and for better elasticity try water-based lubricants easily available on the pharmacy.

Weight gain:

Due to the hormonal imbalance, most of the women after menopause gains weight which brings them a lack of mobility and other health issues.

Causes of Menopause:

There are multiple causes responsible for the menopause they are:

Low levels of Estrogen:

Menopause is the second name of hormonal change. The estrogen and progesterone are the main hormones to manage the monthly women cycle.

The decrease in these hormones leads to irregular periods at the start and after that complete stopping of periods.

Removal of the uterus:

Menopause can occur due to the removal of the uterus, not the ovaries. But this will happen gradually not just after the removal of the uterus.

Ovarian Insufficiency:

This condition is chronic in which a women experience little or no periods from the start of puberty.

This condition needs hormonal therapy on long terms. As this is a chronic condition it will not go away completely but can get better.


As the age progresses just like puberty, signs appear for menopause. Mostly there is no need to go to the doctor for the diagnosis.

As it is understood that due to the age factor menopause is going to happen. But if it starts early or you face some severe signs its better to consult a doctor for further diagnosis.

The doctor may perform some tests to help confirm the condition. Those tests can be:

  • FSH level or estrogen level checking for confirmation. A low level of estrogen hormone will indicate the changes in the body occurring due to menopause.
  • Thyroid tests can also be performed by the doctor as the symptoms with underactive levels of thyroid are the same as menopause.


As menopause is a naturally occurring process there is no need of treatment for the process. But there are some treatments can be done if some conditions where it is needed like:

Hormonal therapy:

When menopause occurs some women get hot flashes and this condition requires hormonal therapy to induce estrogen hormone for the recovery.


Most of the women get mood swings and depression during the transition or after menopause.

This situation is mostly temporary and requires no treatment but in cases doctors recommend antidepressants to patients with high rate of depression.

Vaginal Estrogen:

Due to menopause, women face dryness in the vagina which leads to disturbed sexual life.

To recover from that condition there is virginal estrogen available as a treatment to maintain the moisture and elasticity of the vagina.

Home Remedies:

As mentioned above treatments for the relief of the symptoms and causes of menopause are medically approved.

But there are also some home remedies which will help you to deal with the hormonal changes your body is going through.

Their home remedies may include:

  • Ginseng
  • Black cohosh
  • Vitamin D
  • Soy
  • Yoga

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