Pregnancy is a phenomenon that brings life from another life.

The best time for the women to get cherished is the time when it is going to be a mother. It’s the best feeling for the woman to get pregnant and give life to a newborn who is part of her.

Nobody ever has been able to describe what it felt a mother is going through the phase of pregnancy. It’s different, and it’s awesome.

A woman gets pregnant when the egg gets fertilizes with the sperms of the male when the ovaries release them.

After getting fertilized the eggs goes to the uterus where it gets placed and stays during the whole pregnancy.

Most pregnancies last from a minimum of 34 and a maximum of 40 weeks. The combination of both self and medical care helps in a healthy pregnancy as well as delivering a healthy baby.

Multiple factors can create problems in the pregnancy and can risk the life of the baby as well.

Symptoms of Pregnancy:

When the egg get fertilizes in the ovaries, the body immediately starts building the changes according to the needs of the body.

After 2 or 3 weeks body starts showing symptoms of pregnancy, which get noticed by the mom to be. The symptoms may include:

Missed period:

Pregnancy can’t be confirmed without a missed period. It is the main symptom.

Morning sickness:

Mostly women complained of morning sickness as an initial pregnancy symptoms

Nausea and vomiting:

Both are common in the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Headaches sometimes migraines:

Cases have been observed that women get more headaches during pregnancy than normal.

Weight gain:

After the second trimester, most women start to gain weight. Overeating

Menstrual cramps:

In the initial pregnancy, women also feel menstrual cramps. Sometimes they become so intense that they get unbearable.


Indigestion or heartburn starts in the fifth month of the pregnancy in pregnancies.

Constipation or loose motions:

Mostly women get constipated in pregnancies, but sometimes they get lose motions or diarrhea.


Back pain is common in most pregnancies. Due to the weight gain of the mother and the developing baby. To support the back, try to sit down very often to ease the pain.

Depression and anxiety:

Depression and anxiety occur in mothers due to the hormonal and physical changes in the body.

Sleep disorder:

Some women get insomnia during pregnancy because of stress and depression.

Changes in the breast:

It’s the earliest sign of pregnancy. When women get pregnant, the nipple area gets black.

Test for Pregnancy:

As soon as the woman felt the symptoms mostly morning sickness and missed periods. She must consult to the doctor or the home testing pregnancy kit.

The pregnancy strips can detect the HCG hormones released in the blood and urine in pregnancy. The test is simple to conduct at home yet if going to the doctor, the doctor will do the blood or urine test or in some cases, also ultrasound.

Stages of Pregnancy:

stages of pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy is medically divided into three stages. They may include:

First trimester:

From the 1st to 12th week of pregnancy, it’s the first stage often known as the first trimester. This is the time when the fetus develops rapidly. All the major organs like the heart, brain, and spinal cord develop in this stage. The heartbeat also starts in these weeks of pregnancy.

This is the most sensitive stage because mostly miscarriages reported happening to have in these weeks. The overall percentage of miscarriages in these months is 85%, which is quite alarming.

Whenever you feel any king of miscarriage symptom, immediately consult with your doctor.

Second trimester:

The second trimester starts from 13 to 27 weeks. In these months the baby develops at a moderate pace.

Between these weeks, the movements of the baby also stats. The mother can feel the kicks and turns of the baby in the womb.

An abnormality scan ultrasound is also performed in these weeks. Sex of the child gets visible, so if the parents want to know the gender, they can.

After 23 weeks, the baby gets into a safe zone means he can survive in the world if the mother goes to early labor.

But it’s better to take care of your pregnancy and take it to the 9th month safely for the safety of the baby and the mother both.

Third trimester:

The last three months or week 28th to 40 in the third trimester. The mother put on weights and feels lazy and tired.

The baby can now sense the lights when he opens his eyes, and bones are formed during these weeks.

As they are the last months, you may feel Brackson’s Hick Contractions means false pains.

But gradually, they turn into active labors as the time approaches. Swelling on the feet is most common in the last months of pregnancy. pelvic discomfort is also a sign occurs in the last months.


The most common condition in pregnancy is vaginal discharge. As soon as you get pregnant, the discharge starts secreting. After the conception or after the missed period, the flow gets frequent and thicker.

During the pregnancy, this discharge can get thicker, yellowish, sometimes sticky, and bloody also. If the discharge creates itchiness in the vulva, its, not the good sign, consult your doctor immediately.


Urinary tract infections or UTIs are very common during the pregnancy span. They can occur due to not enough water intake, or not emptying the bladder. UTIs can be very dangerous during pregnancy, and they can get the mother to the early labors. So if the symptoms of UTIs occur immediately, consult your doctor.

UTIs can be prevented by keeping yourself hydrated and clean. If you get UTI, the doctor may prescribe you a safe pregnancy antibiotic for the treatment.


Pregnancy means taking care of two living beings. The mother also needs a proper diet, and the baby to be born needs proper nutrition through the mother.

The diet should be accurate according to the needs of the mother and the baby. The diet of the mother should have to be composed of all the basic components. Those are:

  • Complex Carbohydrates
  • Goof fats
  • Lots of fruits and vegetable
  • Proteins
  • Grains

Try to have everything from these mentioned categories.  Don’t leave yourself on junk food. It will only make you gain weight without providing nutrients to the baby.

Dietary Supplements:

  • Along with a good diet, the doctor may prescribe you some multivitamins for the better development of the baby.
  • Minerals like magnesium and calcium can also be taken as a supplement.
  • Doctors focus on taking folic acid and iron supplements daily to avoid any serious condition for the baby.


Pregnancy is not the time to lose weight. It’s the time to love your body inch by inch. An exercise is a healthy option.

But it should be moderately paced. Yoga and starches can be the best option to give your mind and body feeling blissful. Avoid high-intensity cardio or high pace jogging.

Try to stay fit considering the fact that the baby is more important than any other thing.


Massage is a very good option before and after the delivery.

It helps in relaxing the mother. And to fade away, the depression caused by the pregnancy.

With essential oils, parental massage can give you mind and body calmness.

Medical Care:

The doctors schedule the monthly visits just after the diagnosis of the pregnancy. If the mother has some health issues before the pregnancy, she should have proper medical care around, during the pregnant period. The health issues to seek medical care may include:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Infractions
  • Cancer
  • Kidney problems
  • Overweight
  • Having previous difficult pregnancies
  • Infections
  • Anemic

Ignoring these conditions can lead to miscarriage. Try to be attentive during each medical visit for the safety of the coming baby.


When the woman crosses the fourth month of pregnancy. She starts to feel the contraction, but these contractions are not active pains.

These pains are often termed as false pains. Which are beneficial for the active labors in the 9th month.

Active labor starts when the placenta gets mature. The women can go into labor in a healthy pregnancy after 34 weeks to 40 weeks.

These pains are frequented and start from the time duration of half an hour of the span. As time progresses, the mother gets one pain after 4 to 5 minutes.

And this is a time when the pain gets unbearable. The doctor suggests some drugs according to the condition of the patient. Some times oral drugs are given to make the pains bearable.

But due to some other health conditions, anesthesia like epidural is given to make the labor pains not stop but not felt by the patient.

Due to the labor pains, the pelvic area gets open for normal delivery. But if the mother is in labor, but the pelvic are is not opening, then the doctor will go for the C-section. 

Final Birth

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