Turtleneck syndrome

TurtleNeck Syndrome

A healthy body needs a healthy mind to take for it. Humans are designed in a way that every organ works differently but indirectly all the organs are interlinked with each other.

If one organ of the body gets affected the whole body will suffer due to that particular organ. Syndrome itself is nothing, it’s an assemblage of symptoms that causes some particular disease.

If a person shows multiple signs and symptoms of some diseases that person’s condition automatically comes under the term Syndrome.

There are some types of syndromes that are hereditary for example: down syndrome, chromosomal syndrome, Marfan syndrome, etc.

There are some examples of syndromes that are not hereditary but grow gradually inside the body like obsessive-compulsive syndrome,  hostility syndrome, toxic shock syndrome etc.

What is Turtleneck Syndrome:

Turtleneck is a modern syndrome that occurred a few years ago. It’s also called text neck syndrome. It’s a disease which occurs due to excessive use of mobiles and computers.

The usage of smartphones in this decade has increased excessively which has created major symptoms for the disease called turtleneck syndrome.

People don’t realize the benefits of correct posture. Lifestyle changes have caused these types of syndromes to arise.

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Turtleneck Symptoms:

The most common symptom shown is a pain in the neck, Due to the tilted of the neck more than 60 degrees. This tilted creates stiffness in the neck muscles that causes severe pain.

Curvature in the spine can also be seen in severe cases. Headaches and radiating pains in the upper parts of the body like arms and shoulders can also be observed in the patient.

Muscle weakness is also one of the major symptoms observed in these cases. It’s been observed that people with this syndrome goes into early arthritis state.

These symptoms start showing gradually so it’s important to notice them and start working on them immediately.

Turtleneck Syndrome Treatment:

Turtleneck syndrome doesn’t need treatment it needs lifestyle adjustments and management. Notice the things around you which have created this disease and try to resolve them.

Don’t stay too long in a sitting position, after a while stand and go on a short walk. If office work requires too much use of desktop take frequent breaks and give some stretches to your neck muscles.

Don’t use mobiles for a longer period of time and try not to tilt the neck much. Make exercise your routine, start with some mild ones then gradually increase the intensity.

Focus on your neck muscles, they shouldn’t get too stressed due to exercises that they start giving you much pain than before. Avoid tilting your neck as much as possible make sure you keep your head in an upright position.

Giving the upper body a good massage is also a good idea to give relief to the neck muscles. Massage will not only relieve the pain but it will also strengthen the weak muscles and will try to reduce the stiffness that is causing turtleneck or text neck syndrome. 

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