Why People Have Freckles

Why people have freckles

Why people have freckles because of the skin sensitivity towards the ultraviolet rays.

When it comes to skin beautification everyone wants to have perfect skin with a glowing complexion. Melanin is the key factor why people have freckles on their faces or any part of the body.

Melanin is a chemical that is produced by melanocytes. These melanocytes stay under the skin and give the people the complexion they have.

Freckles are the pigmentation occurs when exposed to the sun due to ultraviolet rays. Some people are sensitive to UV rays so instead of getting a sun tan they get red or brown spots known as freckles.

Sometimes freckles can occur due to genetics. If your mother had it then there are many chances for you to have freckles too.

When it comes to freckles most of the women don’t accept them and want to get rid of them but the campaign of embrace yourself the way you are created is getting hype as the celebrities are taking part in it and posting their pics with freckles.

Types of Freckles:

There are mainly two types of freckles


They are flat brown spots that occur during summer and eventually fades away in winter.


In this type, the spots are darker in color as compared to the ephelides and these spots stay whole year long.

There are two other names also, not considered as types but the names research has given them.

One is liver spots caused by exposure to the sun. The other is called age spots which are the spots caused by the aging process.

Causes of Freckles:

Apparently, it depends on the person’s skin sensitivity and the quantity of melanin produced by the skin. The higher the amount of melanin the lighter will be the skin complexion.

Lower melanin levels cause darker skin or freckles when exposed to the UV rays. Apart from these causes’ freckles are also inherited. This gives a genetic cause of the freckles.

How to take care of Freckles:

There are various ways to lighten dark spots. Freckles can’t be removed completely but can be reduced to its minimum if take care of properly.

Photo Facials: 

With the help of intense light source, this method helps to reduce or remove freckles. This method is quite similar to laser but it has intense photo/light treatment for the freckles.

Laser Treatment:

This is the safest way to remove or lighten brown spots. It’s mostly for those who have inherited freckles which doesn’t go away in winters.


It is possible to lighten the spots with the use of cream bleach easily available at the stores. This method is for the type of freckles which usually occurs in summers.

Anti-Freckles Creams:

There are creams available for the removal of freckles by famous brands. This method is long term and needs the patience to see the results.

Most of the women opt for the anti-freckles cream as they are affordable and causes fewer efforts to apply.

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